Sports PT and More – Our Newest Team Member !

Marie Geraghty, PT, MS – Senior Physical Therapist

Have you heard of camogie, hurling or Gaelic football? If not, Marie Geraghty, our newest physical therapist, can explain them to you. Marie has a strong interest and depth of knowledge in sports physical therapy. On top of that, she is currently the team physical therapist for multiple teams playing in the Gaelic Athletic Association in the Bronx. We know our patients with sports injuries, as well as other problems, will benefit greatly from her care and expertise.

See the following News 12 story about how the NY Gaelic Athletic Association brought a slice of Irish sports to the Bronx and Yonkers.

Marie Geraghty graduated from the University of Limerick in 2012 with her Physical Therapy degree and subsequently received a Master of Science degree in Preventive Cardiology from the National University of Ireland, Galway. The combination of her physical therapy degree and in-depth study of wellness, cardiovascular disease and disease prevention has allowed her to implement a holistic approach to her delivery of care. She has been active in research studying the effectiveness of rehabilitation protocols for patients undergoing total hip and total knee replacements. She also participated in research evaluating anterior cruciate ligament surgery outcomes.