Low Back Pain

This is probably the most common problem that we see in our practice. I don't have to tell you the many different pathologies that can cause low back pain. Although the pathology causing the patient's symptoms are taken into consideration to avoid contraindicated procedures and exercises our goal is to restore function and this inevitably leads to the patient exercising. If a patient has pain and restriction into back bending of the spine, then we try to restore pain free extension. This is generally achieved through myofascial releases, joint mobilization and graded exercise. Of course, modalities such as heat, ultrasound and TENS can prove beneficial in the earlier stages of a patient's therapy to relax spasm, improve soft tissue flexibility and provide analgesia. Of significant importance is the patient's understanding of the problem and what they can do to minimize stress on the spine. Training in proper body mechanics and ergonomics is an integral part of our plan of care. Strengthening, restoring mobility and minimizing stress on the spine is our philosophy and people respond very well to this type of therapy.

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