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"The staff is polite and efficient. The facilities are clean and neat. Equipment very good. Ownership is friendly and honest. I like the fact that Steve, the owner is a therapist on the premises as opposed to an absentee owner. "
Aug 19, 2020
"I can sum up my experience in one Word. SUPER. Everyone at this facility is great and the rehab sessions were tough but really helped. Priyanka the director was great and very patient. Alexia her assistant was super and really made a difference. After 8 sessions I feel 1000% better. I follow up with my doctor next week and if he thinks I need more work I will be right back here!!!"
Jul 16, 2020
"This is my second time around to Performance Rehabilitation, recommend by my orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, NY. I didn't have to think twice about where to go. The therapist assigned to me both times were excellent! At first, I was disappointed because Chris was no longer there, but my initial disappointment and fears completely disappeared after my first meeting with Shruti. Shruti Mehta is amazing. She clearly demonstrates her knowledge, compassion and caring. She knows her stuff! And she is kind and focused. She provides knowledgeable physical therapy techniques, first for my shoulder after a massive injury from a fall, and then within three months for a tendon ankle injury after a second fall due to poor balance. Shruti calms my fears with her teaching. She clearly explains why she is providing the selected exercises, massages, stretches, weights, balance training, warm or cold application therapies, TENS, ultra sound, etc. She also demonstrates the proper exercise techniques to make sure that I am doing them correctly, to avoid hurting myself further during the process. Another shout out to Margarita (apologies if I misspelled her name). Margarita assists Shruti, Margarita is also caring & calming. Both are appropriately concerned about assessing pain levels, comfort and safety. Thanks to all other members of the staff that are professional and complete the positive experience. I highly recommend Performance Rehabilitation to others seeking excellence in care."
Jun 09, 2020
"This is a wonder rehabilitation program. The staff is professional , friendly and very helpful. This is a five star clinic and would highly recommended them. "
Jan 20, 2020
"I was able to make an appointment exactly the time I need which was after work. Steve and his staff are extremely professional and very charismatic. I had carpal tunnel surgery and within three months I have 99% of my hand back to normal. The 1% left is the internal swelling that in time will disappear. I must say that pizza, corn, and sushi will forever have a fond memory of the staff at Performance Rehabilitation. I highly recommend anyone looking for physical therapy to not look any further."
Jan 07, 2020
"Staff is very polite and helpful. My Therapist Priyanka and her assistant Mell, are the best! They not only care about the injured body parts they are treating but also your well-being in general. Some of the exercises are challenging but the outcome is rewarding. I can attest to that... I highly recommend Performance Rehabilitation to everyone who needs therapy and are looking for great results. "
Nov 26, 2019
"My experience with Performance Rehabilitation has always been amazing...Sheldon who is no longer there was an awesome therapist...and when Shruti massaged...forced bend...and stretched my knee to increase the flexibly when Steve was off or on vacation...I always felt great!...great!...And although I hadn’t been seen by Priyanka...I had observed her during my time at Performance...and I must say that she is hilarious but a tough cookie...she constantly watches her patients making sure they are doing the exercises correctly...and she even corrected me a few times by saying Tracy that is not the proper way...etc...and then she would tell/show me the proper way to do the exercise....and she also addressed that I bend my knee while walking...etc...And my last day at P/T she had shown me a few extra techniques to perform at home/gym...David wasn’t my P/T but I observed him a few times working on his patients..which he has unique techniques that I began picking them up as well....And every visit with Performance was enjoyable and pleasant...and the entire staff was warm and welcoming as well...I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of high quality rehab with passionate therapists who are genuinely concerned about your progress and are great at what they do...Priyanka thanks again for e-mailing me the workout regimen...Tracy T. "
Sep 25, 2019
"When Nature calls for Professional Recovery this is the place. Calm Friendly Knowledgeable Staff with Purpose and Experience. You`ll receive prompt courteous attention with an emphasis on diligence. No slacking off here. The staff sees to it that you achieve your goals with a constant routine of therapy uniquely tailored to your recovery needs. Well done Performance Rehabilitation. ."
Sep 21, 2019
"My therapy was excellent. I feel I certainly benefitted from it. Everyone was kind and friendly, a special A-OK to Priyanka and Mel. I would recommend Performance Rehab to anyone. You made me feel comfortable."
Sep 11, 2019
"Pleasure dealing with the ladies here at the rehab. I recommend this place to everybody because theyll get the best service and absolute satisfaction!"
Sep 09, 2019
"PT with heart! Everyone at Performance Rehabilitation in Yonkers are excellent in all that they do. Priyanka, Melanie andJohn are absolutely the best in all that they do. They really do care about your recovery and treatment. They share stories from their personal life so you can understand that they know what you are going through because they were there themselves at one time. When they work with you it doesn’t seem like physical therapy it really is enjoyable and fun. All will do well in putting your trust in them. No pain No gain!"
Dec 04, 2018

Everyone who works here is absolutely amazing ! From the first moment that I walked in and met Kim. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met ! Tauruna was my first physical therapist ever and what a great first expierence ! She's very educated and knows what she is doing. Her assistants are so nice and made me feel comfortable for being the only 23-year-old around. What an amazing place and bunch of people!

- - Melinda Moray

I highly recommend this facility.The staff is great, very professional and cordial. I was very anxious after my knee surgery and I am very grateful that my recovery went well and very smoothly.Special thanks to Chris, you are the best. Will not hesitate to come back again if i need to. Happy you all enjoyed my empanadas.

- - Orosia P

An excellent facility, clean and well-organized. The staff is always attentive to the patient, and they take the time to explain everything. After having a bad experience with rehab for a spinal problem at another facility, my confidence in physical therapy was restored. Chris DiSisto took the time to review my medical data and develop an appropriate program of exercises and other types of therapy. He also gave me follow-up exercises which I can do at home. I highly recommend Performance Rehabilitation!

- - John Cantwell

Very professional and helped me with my rehab.

- - John Mc Evoy

This was my first experience with physical therapy and Taruna has been amazing. From the initial interview and therapy visits she is working hard with me to make me better. It is a very friendly environment and everyone has been very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place!

- - Stella D.

I feel so good everyone here is so nice next time if is necessary I'm coming back here I hope everything its okay, thanks so much.

- - Marcos Nunez

Very helpful, and informative.

- - Richard Holness

Awesome staff, great attentive care, and certainly would recommend their services

- - Heriberto Garcia

As a person who does not like to take medications, performance rehab has worked wonders for my neck and shoulder pain. The staff is very knowledgeable and are able to answer all of my questions as well as provide me with tips for pain management. Having been to other therapists, that did more harm than good, I can tell you that they do not compare to the relief that Chris DiSisto is able to provide with the soft tissue manipulation. Since going to performance rehab, I have been in a lot less pain and able to do many more of my regular daily activities. Every staff member is professional, caring and helpful. Sufficient time is spent with every client to ensure appropriate attention is given. The office is welcoming and clean! I highly recommend Chris and performance rehab!

- - Anna Massaro

My therapist was absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend this facility to friends and co-workers.

- - Ann Marie Chan

Experience is very good that know their job.

- - Martha D Jackson

Awesome, fun and very professional. The staff is excellent!! Very skilled and kind therapists who are wonderful.

- - Marco DiBenedetto

Therapist is patient and explains the process clearly.

- - Sandra Anderson

Christopher is excellent with a pleasant personality. I would like to come back again for his excellent services.

- - J Gomes

I really feel that I'm getting better. My PT is helping so much. The technicians really know what they are doing and telling you to do at home. Very respectful and helpful front desk. The place looks good and clean. Thank you for getting me back to myself.

- - Joanne DiMifco

Taruna is an excellent therapist. She has treated me with kindness for 6 months when I was in pain that I could not withstand. She is an asset to the company.

- - Maria Ricca

Dear Mr. Srebnik,

I am writing this letter to say "Thank You" to the staff of Performance Rehabilitation. I was in physical therapy for three weeks and November 18th was my last day of physical therapy under the guidance of your skillful staff. My therapist was very professional and very knowledgeable; he answered questions that I had without hesitation.

On December 6th, I will be having knee surgery and if I have physical therapy after surgery, I will not hesitate to come again to the Performance Rehabilitation Center!

Once again, I would like to thank you and your staff for being so courteous to me, even on days I was not into having therapy. May all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon.

- Lestine W.

Dear Steve and Staff:

Thank you all for your sensitivity and patience. Happy to report that I am walking 2-3 miles, 3 times per week. Thanks Steve for creating and maintaining a great therapeutic community and team approach.

- Sasa M.

A Poem by one of our patients.

Performance Rehabilitation

There's a place where I get therapy,
It’s called Performance Rehab
The staff there all have to be,
Nothing less than "Fab!"

They're all pleasant and wear a smile,
I’ve never seen a frown
For patients they’d walk that extra mile,
Always up and never down.

I do enjoy my therapy there,
They’ve helped me very much
No other place can quite compare,
Each has a magic touch.

They're blessed each day helping folks feel well,
But I feel so blessed too
So this is why I have to tell,
Of all the good they do

- Ann S.

Dear Steve,

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care and concern I received during my extensive hand therapy.

Not realizing how important it was to seek out a hand therapist specialist, I was fortunate to be referred to your center for the specifics of the therapy I required, for as you know I had undergone very involved hand surgery and was in excruciating pain, with little of no mobility.

As I was quite apprehensive to start therapy,and certainly not looking forward to it, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable and welcome I felt. Veronica at the front desk, with her word games made each session very pleasant and uplifting for me.

Meeting you allayed my fears, and I soon began to realize that if I worked with you, results would be seen. It certainly was not easy and there was of course discomfort and pain during parts of the therapy, but with your guidance I was able to overcome these problems and finally reach the functioning level that I am at now.

Observing the other therapists, Antonio, your assistant Danian and even your intern/student Kate, made me feel secure that I was in the right place.

Performance Rehabilitation will be recommended by me because of your work ethic, professionalism and care, which is an asset that you and your staff should be proud of.

- Al C.