Hand Therapy Enables Cellist to Continue Making Beautiful Music – and Create a CD!

Without physical therapy, there might be a little less music in the world! 

In 2017, Diana worked with Steve Srebnik, PT and certified hand therapist at Performance Rehabilitation.  After this short period of successful therapy for tendonitis, Diana has also gone on to create a CD of beautiful music!

This link contains her newly released CD “Tanbou Kache.” It is a lovely compilation of music that features works by composers of Haitian decent and reflects a “confluence of influences that have shaped Haitian history,” performed by Diana Golden and Shawn Chang.  https://www.newfocusrecordings.com/catalogue/diana-golden-tanbou-kache

We all need to protect our bodies from strain and injury. Musicians have to be especially mindful.  Repetitive motions required to play a string instrument are often taxing on their bodies. For cellists, some of the most common ailments stem from inflammation, tenderness and overuse injury in the fingers, hands and forearms. These often result in nerve pain, tendonitis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.  What can musicians do to help prevent injuries?  The following article contains some great suggestions: https://www.connollymusic.com/stringovation/hand-finger-exercises-cellists