Our Expertise

"With you every step of the way" is more than a saying for us, it is a practice philosophy that is supported by a broad range of services and programs we offer to you aimed at facilitating your recovery and preventing further injury.

While our expertise covers a wide breadth of orthopedic & neurological diagnoses, we also offer the following services & programs:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

This area encompasses all problems that are related to the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, commonly referred to as our musculoskeletal system. Whether you are suffering with pain in the shoulder caused by an impingement, an arthritic knee or after reconstructive surgery, we have the expertise and knowledge to safely progress you through your rehabilitation.

Spine Care & Dysfunction

The back and neck are the two most common areas afflicted with pain and dysfunction and we are pleased to be the only practice in Yonkers and 1 of only 3 in Westchester County to have a McKenzie Method certified therapist as part of our team. The McKenzie mechanical diagnosis and treatment approach is one of the mostly widely acclaimed methods of spine care in the world. Due to its complexity, this area of the body requires a great deal of experience and knowledge to effectively rehabilitate. The cornerstone of spinal rehabilitation is appropriate exercises that develop stability and core postural strength. These exercises may be supplemented with manual therapies such as passive stretching, various types of soft tissue massage or manual mobilization of stiff joints. Additionally, modalities that loosen and soothe painful joints and muscles such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation may be employed.

Hand Therapy

Nothing does more to affect our functions of daily living than injuries to the hand. Thus, we are pleased to have the only Certified Hand Therapist in Yonkers on staff who has the depth and knowledge to rehabilitate the most complex hand injuries and post-surgical reconstructions. The intricately designed hand allows a concert pianist to bring music to our ears, a sculptor to bring beauty into our lives, and gives all of us the ability to work, play and tend to our activities of daily living. The functional loss of our hands may be devastating, both emotionally and physically. Fortunately, modern surgical and rehabilitation procedures save many of us from the horrible thought of losing the use of our hands. Whether you suffer from the pain and disability of carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative arthritis or more severe traumatic injuries such as amputations or tendon lacerations, the appropriate therapy will help you in your recovery.

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Sports Physical Therapy

The injured athlete is a special group of individuals that require special care and attention. This is because they are typically involved in a team sport and are injured during their season of play, when they are needed most by the team. For this reason, they need to be treated carefully but as aggressively as possible to get them back to their game. One of the biggest challenges a therapist faces when they are dealing with this population of patients is finding the perfect balance between rapidly returning them to their pre-injury level of play as quickly as possible and remembering that injured tissue must go through stages of recovery before it can tolerate the stress that athletics can place upon them. For this reason, the injured athlete needs a therapist that understands the demand of the game but more importantly, the appropriate course of therapy to safely return the individual to their sport in the quickest period of time. Whether you are suffering from a strain, sprain, tendinitis or more traumatic injury, Performance Rehabilitation's safe and effective programs will get you back in the game as soon as possible.

Joint Replacements

Joint replacements are not only of the knees and hips, but also the shoulder, elbow and fingers. No matter which body part is affected, joint replacement is a big operation and once your surgery is complete,your therapy is a crucial part of your recovery. Your therapy is exercise and a functionally oriented program that may be supplemented with modalities that help alleviate pain and reduce the swelling that you will experience after joint replacement surgery. During this period, you need an expert to guide you through your rehabilitation, which will help you to restore mobility, strength and function.

Replacements of the finger joints are very delicate. It is highly recommended that you seek out a certified hand therapist to render your treatment.

Industrial / Work Injury Rehabilitation

We treat many work injured patients at Performance Rehabilitation. Many work related injuries affect the spine but others may injure any part of their arms or legs, sometimes requiring surgery. The ultimate goal is, of course, to get you better so that you can return to work and start earning an income once again. Besides specifically addressing your injury, we prepare you specifically for the work that you will have to return to. If you do a lot of lifting then once you are ready, we will teach you the proper techniques to lift and make sure that your back and legs are ready for the task. If your job requires you to push, pull or carry heavy objects or just stand for long periods of time, your program will be tailored to get you ready for these tasks. We might have you attend our Back School TNT

Neurological Rehabilitation

Treating the neurologically impaired patient takes the therapist back to his/her roots and fundamentals of care. Neurological impairment can be quitedevastating but physical therapists are highly trained at analyzing your weaknesses, addressing problems with balance, coordination, and spasticity. Improvements in these areas will take a person from being unable to walk to walking unassisted, or helping a person dress or bathe themselves. Once again, ultimately restoring the one thing that is so important to all of us...our independence.

Custom Casted Orthotics

Your foot is the link between the ground and the rest of your body. Small structural issues or problems in the foot can lead to, of course, foot pain but also knee, hip and back pain through a chain reaction due to improper body mechanics. In addition to traditional therapies to address your foot problem, custom casted orthotics can be fabricated that help to restore normal alignment and balance in the foot. By creating a more normal balance, this will help to relieve the stress that your body has been enduring thus setting up an environment in which you can heal.

Orthotics are made by first casting your foot. From this cast, an exact replica of your foot is created, and then an orthotic is made using this replica. Having an orthotic in your shoe is comparable to wearing a pair of shoes that was custom made for your foot. If you are having ongoing pain in the feet, knees or even the spine, then orthotics might be right for you.


Performance Rehabilitation is a licensed facility providing functional employment testing. WorkSTEPS is the leading provider of functional employment testing in the nation, and was founded to meet a critical employer need - to create a medically safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective means of matching a worker's functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job. Our suite of services includes post-offer pre-employment testing, as well as post-employment testing which includes fit-for-duty testing, functional capacity evaluations and sincerity-of-effort testing. Please call us for more information or click here to go to the WorkSTEPS web site.

Tuesday Night Talks (TNT)

Our Tuesday Night Talks (TNT) take place one Tuesday per month. These informative and interactive seminars cover a host of topics which may include our Back School, Wellness and Healthy Aging, Balance and Fall Prevention, Sports injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement, amongst others. The seminars are free, refreshments are served and we encourage you to bring a friend or family member. Seating is limited so we recommend calling to sign up or fill out the form below. We will either call or email you to confirm and remind you one day in advance of your reservation. For more information about the seminar content please give us a call or send us an email.

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After Care

Performance Rehabilitation has developed a Wellness & After Care Program for those whose active therapy program has ended but who wish to continue to get the benefits of exercise. Many of our patients have found that continuing their exercise regimen after the prescribed therapy period has ended makes a significant impact on ensuring continued strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Please inquire about our monthly rates and times if you would like to take advantage of this benefit.

Injury Prevention for Athletes

Injuries to the musculoskeletal system are prevalent at all levels of competitive athletics. 50,000 overuse injuries are sustained annually. As participation increases so does the level competition. Practices are geared toward training for improved performance, which when left unchecked or progressed inappropriately, leads to increased prevalence of injuries. Twice the number of injuries in practice happened in the preseason, leading to the conclusion that players are coming into the season deconditioned and not ready for the stresses of repetitive throwing and swinging. The literature shows that coachs' training in injury prevention and detection is lacking. Despite the availability of resources many programs lack major fitness/prevention components, which might include, power, balance and agility flexibility training.

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