About Us

Ultimately knees that hurt, backs that ache and shoulders that throb have one thing in common...the need for a short course of physical therapy. Along with your doctor's diagnosis as a guide, the physical therapist will assess functional and movement limitation to pinpoint the source of the problem and then devise a plan to reduce pain and get a person back to their pre-injury level of function. Trying PT first...

Knowledge: We don't only provide physical therapy, we teach it. Both on campus at New York Medical College and in our facility to doctoral candidates in physical therapy. This ensures that we are providing to you the latest techniques, using the most effective tools and utilizing the latest treatment protocols to get you better faster. Furthermore, our accreditation as a member of the Hospital For Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network ensures you are receiving world class care right in your own backyard.

Our team approach: Involves you and your doctor. The best teams work together and effectively communicate during the process to insure successful outcomes. Through regularly sent progress notes, your physician is kept up to date on your progress. Most importantly we actively involve you in the process. We'll take the time to educate you about your injury, answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand your home exercise program.

Long Term Perspective: With you every step of the way is not only our slogan, it is our mantra. We will be with you from the very first day we meet until the day you are ready for discharge from therapy and beyond. Serving our community for over 23 years we understand that our patients are more than a single episode of care. They are people first that need help with an immediate injury but then require and desire support for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to preserve mobility, function and strength. Many of our patients participate in our aftercare program, affording them the ability to further develop their strength and fitness and functional abilities. Additionally, Performance Rehabilitation offers our TNT series. Our TNT programs offer monthly seminars and educational programming in a friendly atmosphere free of charge with refreshments. It's a great opportunity to learn more about a variety of orthopedic conditions and what you could do to prevent them.

More About Us

Our Philosophy

Performance Rehabilitation is an outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation practice focused on healing and assisting individuals accomplish their rehabilitative goals and reach their best functional potential. Our facility located in Yonkers is well-equipped with state-of the-art machines, but our greatest results in patient recovery come from our hands-on approach. Utilizing a blend of exercise, functional and manual therapies, our therapists work closely with each person to design and individualized treatment programs in order to maximize injury relief and achieve your goals, whether it be to take a stroll in the park or run a marathon.

Clinical & Office Management

We, at Performance Rehabilitation, take pride in providing you with the best possible physical therapy. Patients are evaluated and often treated in private rooms and receive individualized attention and care. Additionally, although active exercise and manual therapies are the primary rehabilitation tools used to meet our goals, we also have a variety of computerized, state-of-the-art equipment that can be incorporated into your treatment plan as well as utilized to test overall progress.